About Us

Lane Manufacturing was started in 1956 near Campbell California by Joe Curly. Joe saw a need for a one stop shop for irrigation dealers to get replacement parts no matter what manufacture of irrigation fittings they represented. Joe ran the business adding more gasket lines every year and slowly expanding until Jeff Smith purchased the business in 1991. At that time the business was moved to Diamond Springs, California and injection molding machines were added to improve efficiency. Jeff continued adding to the gasket product line with new innovative designs and in July 2007 Lane Manufacturing was moved to a brand new purpose built facility in Lebanon, Oregon. With the move to Oregon Jeff brought on his son in-law, Jason  Lyle, to learn and grow the business. Since 2007 a full CNC mold shop and increased molding capacity with additional injection molding machines has been added. In 2015 an additional 8,000 square feet of warehouse space and additional property for room to grow into the future were added.



















As of January 1 2014, Lane Manufacturing was sold to Jason and Stacey Lyle. You can still call and find Jeff helping out and lending his expertise of gaskets if he is not out playing with the grandkids.


Lane Manufacturing strives to provide the best quality product and unmatched customer service. With over 50 years in the industry we have an unmatched sample inventory and reference library of irrigation gaskets. With in house design and mold fabrication we have turned around production products in days instead of the weeks or months it can take others. Give us a call and you will almost always get Jeff or Jason and we can provide the answers you need now.

Rubber Injection Molding Machine